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In-School Dance Program

LA dance studiosOur most popular program is when schools hire us to come in and teach the whole school General dance. In 20-minute segments or longer, our instructors travel from classroom to classroom teaching our customized dance program. Featuring a wide range of music and props, the classes focus on large motor skills such as marching, kicking, turning, jumping and galloping.

Each dance class includes a warm-up, a dance move of the month (skill), a short routine, and time for creative play that every child will enjoy!

We also design Holiday shows, Spring concerts, End-of-the-Year shows, and Graduation performances to showcase what the students have learned in class.



Ballet classes in Los AngelesOur Ballet classes are designed to have fun and teach good technique. Your dancer will learn positions of the arms and feet, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. They will also learn Arabesque, Passé, Tendu, Jeté and so much more. To engage the child we use an assortment of costumes and prop such as tiaras and wands, butterfly wings, scarves, and ribbons.

Each class finishes up with a creative play story where we take the dancer on a magic carpet ride, a storybook fairytale, or to a magical forest. And finally, we always say goodbye with a curtsy or bow.

Don’t forget to ask about our weekly coloring pages so you can see what your dancer has learned!

Our ballet uniforms are specially made for Dancekidz and are the required attire to attend class each week. For a separate fee the uniform includes: A leotard with an attached pink shimmery skirt, ballet shoes, socks and a dance bag! Ballet uniforms are best kept at the school and taken home at the end of the month for washing. Your dancer will also wear this adorable uniform at their End-of-the-Year Performance.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance Los AngelesThe perfect class for kids with energy to burn! This fun-filled Hip Hop class teaches all of the latest cool and funky moves. Each class will take you through a warm-up, a breakdancing floor skill, and a short dance combination, and then conclude with a fun game or eye-hand coordination exercise.

We make class fun with our age-appropriate music and terminology such as "Pull Up the Pants," "Pull the Plug," "Jump Over the Moon," "Knee Bounces," and "Elbow Slide." Your preschool child will have fun and be the coolest kid in school!


Regular street clothes that are loose and non-constricting. Please wear sneakers or tennis shoes. Sandals or shoes with a heel are not allowed. A free Hiphopkidz t-shirt is included!