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Founded in 2004, Dancekidz is a mobile dance and gymnastics company that brings quality performing arts education to area preschools, elementary schools, parks and to your backyard with Dancekidz Delivers. Using an assortment of props and costumes, our curriculum is designed to bring out your child's imagination. Nothing is more exciting and engaging than dancing with a magical wand, or to playing pretend while wearing a mask, hat or boa!

Our mission and passion has been to create a fun loving, safe experience for children to grow, learn and develop a love for dance and gymnastics. We believe that the Dancekidz custom curriculum will enhance learning in school, improve social skills and teamwork, develop coordination and creativity, and most importantly, build confidence and self esteem.

tap and ballet classes for young children in LA



All Dancekidz instructors have been dancing their whole life and have a true passion for working with small children. Each is First Aid and CPR certified; licensed by the state of California; fingerprinted; and vetted through an extensive background check. Our instructors have been carefully selected and trained so every child can learn to dance in a loving, positive environment.

Niki Waltrin

Miss Niki

Miss Niki began Dancekidz in 2004. She has been teaching for 25 years, and is a certified gymnastics coach, as well as a member of the Canadian Dance Teacher Association. Her true love is dancing with children at the preschool age.
Niki started her professional dancing career in Toronto, Canada as a Toronto Argonaut Sundancer for the CFL (Canadian Football League). She performed in many TV shows, award ceremonies, as well as musical theater shows; her favorite being the role of "Mrs. Potiphar" in the musical JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.
Miss Niki toured through South America and the Caribbean with Holland America Cruise line as dance captain. Niki was lead choreographer, dancer and singer At the Deerhurst resort where Shania Twain started. Niki can be seen in movies such as SUPERSTAR, CHEATERS, and CHICAGO as Catherine Zeta-Jones' sister.


Miss Maria

Miss Maria


Maria Mohrman has been a studio director and taught dance, fitness and leadership development for over 20 years.  She trained for dance at various studios in Detroit, LA and New York.  She also attended teacher/director, choreography and leadership training and has earned numerous certifications. As a director of a Detroit-based studio with over 350 students, Maria developed several award-winning competitive dance teams and ministries that performed in venues across North, Central and South America. She has also collaborated with various artists, creating choreography for music videos and working in production design.  

While focusing on dance technique in her classroom, Maria also believes in building students' character.  Her students progressively gain skills for problem solving, proactive thinking and team building.  By nurturing personal character in these young people, in a safe and intentional environment, many students learn life skills that can benefit them beyond the classroom. Maria's philosophy uses movement through dance to impart knowledge, invest in students and impact communities.  She is excited to share this passion for dance with the students and staff at Dancekidz.  Her husband, Grant, and 3 children are a source of unconditional support and inspiration. 


Miss Haide

Miss Haide   


When I was a child I was always around dance and music and to this day I have a great passion for the arts. I had worked in customer service for over 15 years while continuing my education, receiving my Associates degree in social behavioral sciences and general education . When I was in the process of looking for a new job, Dancekidz came across my path. I was super happy to see what Dancekidz was about and wanted to be a part of the team as soon as  possible. With my background experience in customer service, and love for the arts I thought the job would be the perfect fit for me!
Miss Haide is from Mexico City and one of her favorite things to do is cook for her family. Her specialty dish is Enchiladas de tomatillo.


Miss Kayla

‚ÄčMiss Kayla

Kayla Lynn was born and raised in Minnesota, where her mom owned a dance studio. This is where she discovered her true passsion for loving the art of dance.
She was a competition dancer who learned the value of versatility at a young age. Since the age of 14, Kayla developed her artistry at Performing Arts School as a dance major. Her well-rounded performing arts training has given her experiences dancing on stage, camera and acting in commericials, movies,
and short films. 
She recently was on Tengo Talento Mucho Taleto dancing latin. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, BFA in Dance Theater at AMDA college of the Performing Arts.


Miss Giselle

Miss Giselle

Giselle Gutierrez is from San Antonio, TX, and has grown up in the dance world since she was five. Her dance career began at a local studio named Studio 10 run by Pat Holbrook.  She mainly fell in love with Broadway, however as the years went by, she discovered a TV show called ABDC and fell in love with urban dance. She stopped dancing in her middle school years to pursue cheerleading, but once she started high school, she joined her school’s dance team, The Antonian Silver Dancers. Her coach, Drea Pena-Kocian, with the help of the assistant coach, Diandra Buckley, played a massive role in helping Giselle make the decision to pursue dance seriously and go to Los Angeles.

From then on, Giselle has danced contemporary, ballet, jazz, broadway, hip hop, and many other dance styles. She has graduated from AMDA-LA and has found a new passion for teaching kids. Her goal is to explore all aspects of the dance industry and share her knowledge with her students and peers. She has been a part of a Purpose Media Production visual named “So Pretty,” A short film called “Can We Even Feel at all?” created by Hannah Gallagher, and her first live show with MAD Program LA. She also enjoys seeing the dance world behind the camera and uses filmmaking to inspire her craft and merge her two favorite career paths. Besides dance, Giselle loves watching shows, working out, cooking, and spending time with her partner.

Miss Kate

Miss Hannah

Hannah Kamperin discovered her love for dancing at the age of 6 and pursued her passion in her hometown in the Washington D.C area. Through the years she has developed a diverse background in dance having trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, hip hop, and ballroom. She has had the opportunity to perform on stages such as The Kennedy Center, The Staples Center, The MGM Grand Garden Arena, and many more. She has displayed her talents around the world by touring internationally and nationally with various dance companies and artists.  Hannah has been teaching and sharing her passion for dance with children all across the country ages 2-16 for almost 10 years, winning numerous awards for her choreography and education. 



New Instructor


Miss Elena

Dance Instructor/ Gymnastic coach

Elena has always knew she loved dancing.  She started dancing at the age of four and never stopped.  When she was six years old she fell in love with musical theater, jazz and hip hop.  She was in shows like Peter Pan and Wizard of Oz. By the time she got to 8th grade she landed the lead role of Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde".  Not only did this spark her love for dancing, but it's sparked her love for acting.  She would then enter into contests for dancing, and would place first in state, country and in the district.  When she got to high school, she learned more about contemporary and modern dancing.  This shifted a gear in Elena's brain and now it is her favorite kind of dancing.  She loves being able to tell a story through movement.  

By the tiem it came for her to graduate high school, she realized she wanted to leave her town in Michigan and move to La.  She wanted to pursue her dreams of acting and dancing professionally.  She is a recent graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Elena's goal for the future is to inspire kids to be a part of the performing arts, whether it be through dancing, acting, singing, or writing... She wants to be able to give kids the resources they need to flourish! 





Miss Bella

Miss Amanda

Amanda is originally from Brazil.  She moved to America in 2021.  She has always loved to dance but has had a passion in her heart for Ballet since she was a young girl.  Dance has been a tool to help her get through lifes "ups and downs' and is so good for her soul, mind and body.  Teaching and working with kids has been an amazing experience and opportunity for Amanda.  She loves that she is able to give her students happiness and knowledge through the art of dance.    

Miss Haide

Miss Megan


Miss Megan grew up in the Santa Clarita valley and has been dancing since the age of three and competing since the age of five.  She started teaching at the age of fifteen and has taught all ages from 18 months to adult.  She has trained under such names as Marty Kudelka and Terry Bixler.  Competing mostly in hip hop growing up, it wasn't until high school that Megan really took an interest in techniques such as ballet and jazz.  Now her main focus is on jazz technique and is her favorite style to teach.  She loves sharing her passion for dance with young kids. 



Miss Rachel

Miss Hayley

Miss Hayley is an educator with almost 10 years of experience teaching dance and movement to a diverse range of students, spanning from toddlers to young adults aged 2-20+. She holds a BA in Dance Science from Cal State University, Long Beach, and an MS in Biomedical Diagnostics from Arizona State University. With a trained background in various dance styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary - her personal favorite -, Hayley is passionate about sharing her love for dance with the minds of today's youth. She is attuned to the needs of her students, striving to create an engaging, affectionate, and memorable educational experience.